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4 Influencers Redefining and Expanding Body & Skin Positivity

Black Influencers Body Positivity

Here are some fabulous women and men we absolutely adore.

Queen Mojo

The CEO of #PUTTHATDRESSON - Queen Mojo. Presenter, Entertainer, Speaker, Plus Size Advocate & Dancer


We had to start of this entry with one of our long term favourites, @_queenmojo. Her account and vibe is shining with positivity.  From her raw and honest story highlights regarding mental health and depression to her beautiful fashion creations. Her Instagram is a breeding ground for positivity and light. And we are utterly so happy that we found it, as her content has helped us a few times too. Please head over to @_queenmojo Instagram to see both body and mental health positivity every, single, damn, day. Including her #mojomotivation stories on the importance of self reflection and therapy and her beautiful #doitforthedopamine bike ride events around London.

Kelvin Davis


Another favourite of ours, Kelvin Davis, an award nominated author, body positive gentleman, model and blogger, is always in constant promotion of positive self body image and forwarding his frustration at the lack of representation for stylish options for plus-sized men within the menswear industry. We also absolutely adore Kelvin's constant discussion surrounding race, love, toxic masculinity and feminism.

 Peter Devito



We love him. From his deeply profound Instagram captions on acne, skin conditions, body positivity and race, he provides the reality behind the not so honest industry of photo editing. Educating his followers daily on the behind the scenes editing processes within ads and commercials that have conditioned viewers that skin has to be perfect. Skin does not have to be clear, poreless and smooth to beautiful. @peterdevito wants to change the negative narrative of skin and body perfection as he believes it is forced upon us and is very damaging. 

Artwork by Peter Devito

Harnaam Kaur


Diagonised with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a condition which causes an imbalance of hormones in the body, Harnaam was bullied from an early age for the large amount of hair on her face. Now, she teaches others to have confidence, acceptance and love for all of their features. Her beautiful, healthy and thick facial hair is now part of her striking personal style. Kaur has manifested herself into a body confidence advocate, motivational speaker, model and daily shining star for her followers.

In 2016, Harnaam became the first woman with a beard to walk at London Fashion Week.

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