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6 Popular Skin-Care Products Dermatologists Want You to Throw Out

worst oils for face, is alcohol bad for the skin

The experts have spoken. So get ready for the tea sis.

So we all know that drinking tons of water is key to a dewy complexion, and wearing SPF is so so important to prevent premature ageing, skin cancer and hyperpigmentation- but what products do we need to know about that are causing harm both on our shelves and to us? 

Here's, the products on these pros’ never lists.

Harsh Exfoliators or Devices on the face

Be careful with facial scrubs! Newport Beach, CA dermatologist Zenovia Gabriel, MD strongly advises against the overuse of harsh facial scrubs or rough sponges/devices to cleanse our faces. “Many people think if they over-clean or scrub their skin, they will have better skin—this is not the case at all,” she explains.

“The skin is a bioactive organ that has a complicated barrier that is necessary for healthy tissues, infection control and inflammation control. Over-scrubbing or over-exfoliating is very stripping and leads to dehydrated and inflamed skin and sometimes worsens acne.”

Pure Coconut Oil

Now, we know this will hurt some of you, but hear us out. Coconut Oil may be moisturising in the short term, but it has a comedogenic rating of 4 which ultimately clogs pores and may lead to breakouts.

New York dermatologist Arash Akhavan, MD agrees by saying. “pure coconut oil can be problematic for acne-prone skin.”

Also, those prone to acne on their body should stay clear of coconut oil in their body soaps as Dr. Zenovia says that many “Popular soaps tend to have coconut oil as an ingredient, so be sure to read your product labels.”


West Palm Beach dermatologist Kenneth Beer, MD says alcohol is the first thing on the shelf that needs to be tossed!  “It’s drying and irritating to the skin,”.

Cellulite Creams

These are a big no no. Firstly sis, you are beautiful. Your scars, your body, your skin, all of it is beautiful. Dr. Akhavan says “Although they may cause skin inflammation to temporarily mask the appearance of cellulite or stretch marks" 

Alcohol-Based Products

The tea is, is that we should bin it all! Dr Russak says that alcohol-based products can seriously dry out the skin! Leading to a dull and lifeless complexion. “I would highly recommend weeding out ingredients like alcohol and fragrance,”... “Many toners and creams have alcohol, which can deplete your skin’s moisturizer levels, leading to irritated, itchy skin.

Expired Sunscreen

This will come as a shock to many of us but sunscreen expires! Even if they "haven't expired" says Dr Akhavan, when exposed to high temperature and moisture the sunscreen becomes less active. Meaning it will not work as well.

And remember, this is serious stuff guys. This is premature ageing, skin cancer and redness.

Check out our post on our recommended SPFs.

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