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Could Your Water Be Drying Out Your Skin?

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So we all spend all this money on skincare but sometimes your skin still doesn't care?! We know the frustration. Loading up on your favourite superfood masks, extensive moisture-focused serums and drinking water in abundance and yet still nothing.

This might be the reason

Your aggravated, irritated and dry skin may be a result of the water in your home. Bathing and showering in hard water, as opposed to soft water could be stripping your skin and making it super dry! 

How Does Hard Water Affect the Skin? 

Dr. Zeichner explains that the mineral content of your water profoundly affects your skin's appearance. Hard water has a high level of minerals, such as calcium, as opposed to soft water, which has little to no mineral content. “We know that calcium has a harmful effect on the skin’s appearance (think: redness, flakes, dryness) and can disrupt the outer layer,” he says. “This ultimately causes microscopic cracks in the skin barrier that can lead to the loss of hydration and inflammation.” 

Dr. King furthers this by explaining that the calcium prevents water from properly dissolving our soaps, detergents and other cleaning products. Leading to the residue being left behind on our skin whenever we wash our face, bathe or have a shower. Such irritation and dryness coupled with sensitising ingredients being left on our skin leaves our skins barrier in a fragile state. “The minerals in hard water can be drying or irritating for sensitive skin and can potentially exacerbate dryness from eczema, psoriasis, dry skin or dryness caused by the use of acne medications,” she says. 

How Can You Help Minimize the Effects of Hard Water on the Skin? 

This is where we come in. Your skin deserves the best organic, natural and effective skincare, and that's why we were born. Our Luxury Calendula Facial Oil and Body Oil are free from artificial colours, fragrances, parabens , petrochemicals and are ultra moisturising. 

These two oils are deeply infused with organic, cold-pressed oils that have antioxidants inside. We pride ourselves on never testing on animals and rebalancing the negative effects of hard water by bringing you a non greasy ultra light oil that feels like magic.

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Lisa Leo

This is a great blog has people need to know exactly what hard water can do to our skin. I enjoyed reading this . I’m going to try your facial oil to see if I will the invest to use on my clients …
Thank you for sharing 💗
( A Touch of Beauty )


Good insight on hard water.

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